"I can see what you feel". Reactionvideos auf Youtube. Repräsentationsstrategien in der Inszenierung unmittelbarer Emotion (Greta Konrad)

Auf Youtube finden sich vielzählige Videos, in denen Personen sich dabei filmen, wie sie ein Video anschauen. Diese Reactionvideos sollen hinsichtlich der Inszenierung von Emotionen verstanden werden. Projektnr.: G 403

"Sensorial Thinking". Sergei Eisenstein’s Method as a Project Towards a New Order of Knowledge ( Elena Vogman)

The project aims to investigate the "sensorial thinking" in Sergej Eisenstein’s Method by means of a work-immanent analysis of his theory construction. Project No. G 412

"They are boring people" – Processing of affective prosody in alexithymic and non-alexithymic speakers (Anna Carlotta Welding)

Speech melody or intonation (prosody) is a fundamental part of the verbal communication of emotions. The project explores the production and the reception of affective prosody in so-called "emotionally blind" (alexithymic) individuals. Project No. G 402

Affective calculations: Literary texts about economic speculation (Nina Peter)

Financial speculation is seen as non-emotional and abstract, but literary texts describe intense 'market emotions'. The project analyzes the relation between speculation and emotion in literature. Project No. G 408

Das Selbst und die Welt in der Depression. Eine ethnographische Studie in der deutschen Gesellschaft (Vanessa Pia De Bock)

How do people suffering from severe depression experience the illness and how do they experience therapy? Which socio-cultural conditions of depression are prominent? Project No. G 401

Emotion expression in non-human primate vocalisations (Carla Pritsch)

Great apes use, just like human beings, three modalities to convey emotional information: facial expressions, gestures and vocalisations. In research, the level of knowledge as well as the attention drawn to these three modalities shows significant inequalities. This project approaches the field of vocal communication of orangutans in emotionally arousing situations. Project No. G 409

Emotions, calculations and social relations in investment banking (Markus Lange)

Financial markets are marked by a radical uncertainty. What are the influences of emotions, calculative practices and social embeddedness while investment bankers encounter this uncertainty? Project No. G 405

Investigating the Relationship between Sound Shape and Meaning in Poetry (Maria Kraxenberger)

Emotions are communicated and expressed in, as well as by, poetry. The dissertation project tries to demonstrate and classify the potential phonetic expression of emotions in poems. Project No. G 404

Multimodal communication in parent-infant interactions: A cross-species comparison of gibbons, chimpanzees and humans (Manuela Lembeck)

Based on the attachment theory, multimodal signal exchange in parent-infant interactions will be studied. Results in this cross-species comparison might give insight in the evolution of emotional expressions. Project No. G 406

Sensualism in Germany. The Constitution of Sensualistic Aesthetics from Meier to Lessing (Olga Katharina Schwarz)

Without sensualism, Kant’s aesthetics wouldn’t exist. But what is sensualism? The project examines the construction of sensualist aesthetics in the second third of the 18th century in Germany. Project No. G 410