"My Face" - Identity and emotional structures on social networking websites (André Hoever)

People choose information to discribe themselves on online network sites. It seems plausible to think that a person's emotional self-concept guides this choice. Project No. G 103

Emotion perception in the multisensory brain (Sarah Jessen)

How do I know what you feel? Under normal circumstances, humans are quite successful at recognizing others’ emotions based on their behavior and to adapt their responses accordingly. This renders emotion recognition as a crucial prerequisite for efficient social interaction. Project No. G 105

Emotion, Performance and Death Ritual in Mani, Greece (Christos Varvantakis)

The aim of this project is to gain insight into the role of emotion and emotion expression in contemporary rural Greek death rituals. Project No. G 112

Pain as Aesthetic Experience in Charles Baudelaire's Work (Christoph Groß)

This project aims to investigate the interest of nineteenth-century literature in pain in regard to the variety of its aesthetic, religious and anthropological implications. Project No. G 102