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Social and Cultural Anthropology

Love - Hate - Love: Wissenschaftler müssen sich mit fremden und eigenen Emotionen auseinandersetzen. "Angkringan", ein mobiler Imbiss auf Java.

Love - Hate - Love: Emotions occur during fieldwork. The picture shows a mobile snack bar on the island of Java.
Image Credit: Thomas Stodulka

The three anthropological projects focus on fieldworkers’ affects and underline their prominent role in the emergence of scientific data and ethnographies. The leading post-doc project aims to assess fieldworkers’ affects empirically, intends to foster researchers’ affective awareness in the field and render their emotions into epistemological means of knowledge production. The developed affective-reflexive methodical tools are made available for junior fieldworkers and students and will be applied in two exploratory and exemplary dissertation projects.

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