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Critical Neuroscience of Culture

This workshop critically assesses the advantages and shortcomings of contemporary cultural neuroscience from various disciplinary perspectives.


Organisation: Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinz (Charité), Prof. Dr. Jan Slaby (FU Berlin), Critical Neuroscience Network

February 25 - 28, 2013

The keynote presentation by internationally leading neuro-anthropologist Prof. Dr. Andreas Roepstorff (Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) Aarhus University/Aarhus University Hospital), who is trained in and masters both cultural anthropology and neuroscience spotlights epistemological and methodological predicaments of ‘cultural neuroscience’ as a newly emerging discipline. The afternoon sessions address this shared uneasiness in regard of prevailing experimental designs from a critical yet constructive interdisciplinary perspective.


February 25

Introduction (Andreas Heinz & Jan Slaby)

Keynote: Culture: A site of Relativist Energy in the Cognitive Sciences

Andreas Roepstorff (Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) Aarhus University/Aarhus University Hospital)

Cultural Neuroscience: A Constructive Critique

Thomas Stodulka (FU Cluster Languages of Emotion, Anthropology)

Project Presentation: 'Are Germans really green-eyed monsters?' – Cross-cultural perspectives on benign and malicious envy in Indonesia, Japan and Germany

Julia Schmidt, Kristin Prehn (FU Cluster Languages of Emotion, Sociology, Neuroscience, Psychology, Anthropology)

February 26

Race, ethnicity & culture. Revival des Rassebegriffs in der biolog. Psychiatrie?

Andreas Heinz (Charité)

Konzeptualisierungen von Brain & Culture

Susanne Löhne

Diskussion und Zusammenführung der bisher besprochenen Inhalte

February 27

Biocapitalism – venturing life and science

Armin Hoyer, Fred Ketchum, Jan Slaby

Biocapitalism II: Case Study Pharma: Drugs for Life (Joe Dumit)

Fred Ketchum (+Hoyer, Slaby)

Meet the Connectome

Daniel Margulies (MPI-CBS Leipzig)

February 28

Kritische Psychologie Das Subjektverständnis der kritischen Psychologie

Vanessa Lux (ZfL Berlin)

Subjektzentrismus im Experimental-design

Rainer Mühlhoff (FU, Philosophy)

Hierarchische Subjektmodelle – Geschichte u. Gegenwart

Andreas Heinz