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Gerald C. Cupchik: Complementary relations between adoration and admiration within a unified theory of emotion

Vortrag in der Reihe "Talking Emotion" im Rahmen der Tagung "Unfassbar gut! Emotionen angesichts des Herausragenden und Überwältigenden"


Gerald C. Cupchik

Gerald C. Cupchik

The talk explores real or imagined episodes in which acts of adoration and admiration unfold. If we begin by juxtaposing adoration and admiration, then we can inquire as to whether or not, and in what way, they are complementary. When considered within the framework of Heinz Werner’s treatment of self-world differentiation, adoration reflects a desire to merge with the subject, whereas admiration involves a detached appraisal of the target. Adoration and admiration can also be understood in relation to a unified theory of emotion giving due respect to opposing perspectives expressed since German Romanticism and the British Enlightenment. The critical contrast involves a simple juxtaposition of spontaneous reactions to meaningful situations versus actions founded on appraisals and intentions to adapt to challenges or to fulfill needs and realize goals. Emotional reactions of adoration would appear to involve (bottom-up) pre-reflective and intense experiences evoked by personally or culturally meaningful symbols and events. Feelings of admiration are grounded in (top-down) judgments of competence which are systematically applied in accordance with appropriate standards.

Prof. Dr. Gerald C. Cupchik

Professur für Sozial- und Persönlichkeitspsychologie, University of Toronto. Forschungsinteressen: Nonverbale Kommunikation von Emotionen, Produktion und Rezeption von Kunst und Poesie, Ästhetische Emotionen und Erfahrungen, Methoden-Triangulation